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Underbelly Black Xianggong (Shaxing Xianggong)

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Be good and come here. The voice is soft and clear, but there is no resistance. ……” Shrunken mouth, I moved towards him in small steps. "What can't you say?" With a sudden tightening of my arms, I stumbled into his arms and was about to struggle, when suddenly I realized that my body was flying into the air, and then there was a sudden boom. I was so frightened that I hugged his neck tightly and closed my eyes tightly. Moments later, when the wind whistled in my ears, I gritted my teeth and dared to narrow a crack and look back. "God.." What used to be a good cabin no longer exists,inflatable amusement park, but is replaced by a messy pile of ruins! "Don't be afraid, hold on to me." Probably aware of my fingers curled up with nervousness, Yan Chen turned his head sideways and whispered. I did not answer, and the thick woods that receded like lightning from time to time told me that we were flying in midair now, and very fast! God, what kind of situation is this?! Too late to think about what, Yan Chen has taken me down in a luxuriant forest,inflatable castle with slide, "stay here and wait for me." Then he turned to go, but hesitated to stop, and looked straight down. My hand was clinging to his sleeve, showing no sign of relaxation. Chu Xian Xiaoniu? “……” There was a lot of confusion in my head, and I just unconsciously pulled him tight and wouldn't let him go. Even in this critical situation, Yan Chen's face is not the slightest tension and anxiety, the only expression is almost indifferent peace, as well as the clear and pure eyes, "Let go?"? I'll come back for you. “……” Without saying a word, I just shook my head desperately, and then increased the strength of my hands. For no reason, I was suddenly afraid that he would leave and never come back. “…… Why Looking at my tearful eyes, Yan Chen's voice was soft and deep. Very, Inflatable outdoor park ,large inflatable water slide, very.. Danger. Risk.. Opening my mouth, I struggled to spit out a few words, "Don't.." Don't go.. “……” Hazy eyes gazing at me, Yan Chen's expression gradually softened, warm fingers gently brushed away the tears in my eyes, the voice was as light as a dream, "Wait for me." Clenching my lower lip, I made up my mind not to let go. Be obedient, if I don't go, it will implicate you. "You're not going anywhere." Desperately holding his hand full of blood, my throat trembled, "You're bleeding.." "Never mind, is the sword gas injury,inflatable bounce house with slide, does not hinder-" suddenly and closed his mouth, he looked at me in silence flustered to find a silk handkerchief for his bandage, "Chu Xian girl.." joyshineinflatables.com