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Tianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise

3 months ago   Video & Animation   Fall River   247 views Reference: 2270

Location: Fall River

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The reason why Takeshi Yuecheng has not stopped fleeing is that he is worried that the distance between him and Meng Shentong is not far enough, and now he just wants to get as far away from Meng Shentong as possible. As for how far the distance is, Takeshi is very clear. It's not up to him to decide, but to see when the headless giants behind him can catch up with him. For Meng Shentong, Takeshi even thought he might escape. Because when he looked back frequently, he also found that the headless warriors who tracked him were taller and obviously faster, and they were the fastest ones before. Naturally, he could understand that it was because at the last moment, he used the bronze knife to force the warriors of the headless punishment clan to open the ground, which was so powerful that it directly made the warriors of the headless punishment clan who began to think that he was relatively weak. I finally found out. His strength may be above Meng Shentong, so he sent a smaller number of headless warriors to chase him. But in terms of individual strength, they are the strongest. This is also easier to understand. After all,Artificial Marble Slabs, the cooperation between the headless punishment clan warriors is still a little worse, mainly relying on the ability of individual combat, they in the long-term war against Chaos Warcraft, naturally know how to play their greatest combat power, that is,Silver Travertine Slabs, to reduce the battlefield, rely on more powerful individual attack, to break those Chaos Warcraft one by one. This is also a misunderstanding, because they have almost never faced the scene of a group of their own people besieging a single enemy before, almost all in the face of a group of Chaos Warcraft, they are the outnumbered side. The headless warriors, who don't know how to cooperate, will naturally choose to use fewer and more elite troops against more powerful enemies in order to avoid attacking their companions when they attack Takeshi. In the face of Meng Shentong, Agate Stone Price ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, a headless warrior with a larger number but much smaller individual strength. Originally, Hit out heavily, unexpectedly hit beside the blade of the bronze giant knife. He just avoided the sharpest part, but he hit the bronze giant knife in Takeshi's hand. Only to hear an explosion, the direction of the blade, a huge stone tens of meters high, unexpectedly can not bear the blow of the bronze giant knife, suddenly burst open,White Marble Slabs, broken into fist-sized stones. These stones splashed on Takeshi's body, although there was no possibility of harm to his body now, but it also made him feel pain on his skin. Come again! forustone.com