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The Tank Corps Sweeping the Late Qing Dynasty

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About a hundred Japanese women, stripped naked, lay in the street, apparently in the wrong position, not dying of natural causes, but committing suicide from time to time, but after fierce struggle or being forced to form. Several women were able to open their eyes after the arrival of the Chinese army, and then they died. On their bodies, there are numerous scars, some are knife wounds, some are gunshot wounds, some are pinched wounds, there are obvious bruises. But the most obvious is the knife wound, many women's necks have been cut off. They were all young and beautiful women. The uniformity of their skin and flesh, the moist color, and the plump or slim posture all made the Chinese officers and soldiers think. Unfortunately, they had already died. Later, after interrogating the captives, I learned that the Japanese army had received orders at this time, or was carrying out, or spontaneously carrying out a destructive policy. The logic was that since Japan was going to perish, wouldn't it be a waste of money to leave these beauties behind to benefit the Chinese? So, they started killing and maiming young women. The Japanese prisoners of war also confessed that the army was organized to search for women in cities or rural areas, gathering all young women, at least ten years old, into the army and dedicating them to the great warriors. Once defeated, the army would dispose of these special military supplies, the national treasures of Japan, in the most severe way. The Chinese army found that the women had indeed been subjected to violence, and that there were many more such corpses throughout the city. Finally gathered, there were more than two thousand people. The population of Yamagata Castle, though,Low Rpm Electric Motor, has fled. However, judging from the scale of urban buildings, there should be forty or fifty thousand people. Perhaps, in the surrounding countryside, the Japanese army also collected many women? Coincidentally, on August 28, after capturing Guchuan, the Chinese army also found a large number of mutilated women's corpses. In the city, there were at least five places where corpses were concentrated. The number of people was often three or four hundred. They were all young and even naive women. They were still stripped naked and mutilated after violence. In one of the woods, the Chinese army also found the bodies of as many as 1,000 women. On September 1, the Chinese army occupied the city of Yiguan. If they had set out from Sendai, they would have marched 150 Li to the northeast. The Chinese army, which was advancing with great strides, could not have been stopped by any Japanese troops. The battle was often fierce, but it was very brief. The coordinated operations of the Chinese air force, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, tanks, and infantry and cavalry had been thoroughly perfected. Impeccable, the Japanese simply can not cope with. After a long time, he said with tears in his eyes: "This is fate. It is the arrangement of the Great God Amaterasu. It is not Ji Yi alone. He died fighting for the country.". It's a glorious thing! Over the past three days,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, the fishermen in Mutsu Bay have been receiving a lot of terrible news from the Tokyo front. In fact, they are stories brought back by a few deserters from the collapsed army around Tokyo. These despicable, but very lucky young people told the villagers here sadly that most of the soldiers were no longer there. ichgearmotor.com