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The self-cultivation of the flirtatious scum, wear it quickly.

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So Shu Le rolled his eyes and smiled solemnly: "You go to call back the program group and say that I will have a schedule within 15 days from the day after tomorrow. Let them arrange it as soon as possible." Tian Sisi wrote it down on the memo,4k smart board, then turned to the last one, took a careful look at Shu Le, and whispered: "Yes, Director Shu.." Shule: "Hmm?" Tian Sisi said: "The program group also said before, after all, is a love program,smart interactive whiteboard, there may be some intimate station, I would like to ask you if you have any trouble in this regard?" The implication is very obvious, just want to ask him if he has a barrier to men? Shu Le touched his nose and patted Tian Sisi on the shoulder: "It's all right. It's a rare variety show. It's worth devoting yourself to art." The program had been mentioned once before, so the conversation between the two men did not shy away from others, and everyone sitting in the conference room heard it clearly. Even some people who do not know the truth are full of admiration for Shule's dedication. Tian Sisi's heart was very moved, and in his heart he pushed Shule to the altar again. She said to Shu Le, "Director Shu, you are really a good man. I will contact the program group right away." Smiling, Shu Le kicked his hand back into his pocket and took back his sight without any trace: "Yes, that's hard for you." Tian Sisi felt that Shule must be the best and most intimate leader she had ever met in her life. With anticipation and longing, Shule ignored Bai Weiran's face, smart board interactive whiteboard ,65 inch touch screen, which was already black and heavy. He said goodbye to the people who ate melons in the conference room. He went back to the office and lit a cigarette. Then he took out his cell phone and sent a message to Pei Shaozhi: "I told you about the meeting in the morning. Why didn't you come?" None of the scheduled meetings were completed, but Schuler didn't care at all. He threw his cell phone on the table, leaned back into his office chair, and closed his eyes numbly. I don't know if he stayed in this world too long, or because the task was completed too early, he always felt a little tired. This feeling of boredom was only a little at first, but unfortunately it accumulated more and more, making him more and more irritable. Forget it, mostly because other men are not wonderful enough. After smoking two cigarettes, Shu Le sighed to comfort himself, and by the way, he poked the system in boredom: "Baby, are you watching the strange ethical drama of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law again?"? The system choked:. Don't call me what those men call you. Shule grinned and said, Baby, all of them. System Shu Le could not flirt, so he changed the topic: "Recently, there is no force to pretend, I am so bored.". The system was silent and said, "Didn't you just install one at the meeting?"? Shule: It's not satisfying. System: Why don't you consider exchanging the points for the memories of the original world? Shule thought for a while and refused the invitation of the system again: "Forget it, or save to buy super safflower oil, it's really good to use.". System Spicy chicken host, deserve to be weeded! I do not know if the system did not answer, Shule himself sat in a chair hesitated for a moment, suddenly whispered: "In fact, this is not entirely the reason." "Everything, I always feel that I choose to forget, must be because something bad happened." "Whether it's for me or for others." The system did not answer immediately, and even did not speak again for a long time. Shu Le's rare lyricism did not get the response he deserved, and he was immediately wronged like a dog of two hundred catties. He poked the system several more times: "Unify!"! Tong?! Don't you praise my feelings?! System The system was silent for a long time, pressed the next episode of the TV series, and refused to say: "What you said is very reasonable, or save to buy safflower oil.". Shule:.. After a while, Pei Shaozhi on the other end of the phone finally replied to the message. However, it was not for what Shu Le had asked him before, but a confused sentence: "Director Shu, are you going to record a love reality show with Yu Qing?" Shu Le tilted his head and thought for a moment,interactive panels for education, feeling that there was no need to cheat other people's children. Then type slowly leisurely answer: "Yes, quite funny.". You can rest assured that the candidates for the new play have been decided and will not affect you. Pei Shaozhi has not returned for a long time. Shu Le most does not like this kind to chat the news to chat half to disappear the situation, waited for one time then did not have to wait for the second time the mood. He was about to put his cell phone in his pocket to get off work when a new message popped up in the friend verification bar. I don't know how to apply to add you as a friend. Unclear?. hsdsmartboard.com