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The president's wife is not beautiful

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While Ji Zhehan was not paying attention, Liu Siyang stepped on it and looked at Ji Zhehan's painful expression with satisfaction. He sat down on his office chair. Liu Siyang actually crossed his legs and looked at his shoes. He said to himself, "Hey, it's a pity that the heels are not high enough, otherwise.." How interesting When he looked up again, he saw Ji Zhehan standing in front of him with a black line on his face and his fists clenched. Only then did Liu Siyang remember what had happened. He got up hurriedly and smiled: "I'm sorry, General Manager, just now.." Liu Siyang scratched his hair. "Just now." Well, you don't want me to be better than that person in momentum, so I just. I'll try it first. I forgot Zuo Lin's name in a hurry. So, you take me to small-try-cow-knife?!!! Ji Zhehan was almost furious. Who told you to be in front of so many people in the restaurant. Do you know that the eyes of those women will kill me? If you can't be soft, you can be tough. Anyway, you forced me. Oh, I see, so you are jealous! "Yes, I am handsome and graceful." After listening to Liu Siyang's explanation, Ji Zhehan actually smiled, and it was a smirk on his face. Bah! Narcissist! Liu Siyang muttered in a low voice and ignored him. After work,digital signage kiosk, Liu Siyang stretched himself, picked up his bag, and looked excited. "Four best friends are going to the movies tonight." Assistant Liu, wait a minute. The secretary stopped her. What's the matter? Liu Siyang still has a bright smile on his face. The general manager is waiting for you in the car now. It can be seen that Secretary Zhang's face is very unhappy, very jealous, finished, now she will not be the enemy of all female colleagues,interactive kiosk price, right? Liu Siyang went out helplessly, but could not find Ji Zhehan's car. I'm here. Ji Zhehan waved to him in a dark gray car. Look at the car. My car has been sent for maintenance. It was obvious that Ji Zhehan saw what she was thinking. Hell, he still remembers, think of that day, Liu Siyang can not help but think of that one thousand yuan, but he only worked a few days, has not yet been paid, what the hell, forget it for the time being. Get in the car. Ji Zhehan opened the car door, but his tone was not gentlemanly at all, but somewhat like a command. Liu Siyang reluctantly got into the car. Accompany me to a cocktail party tonight. Ji Zhehan said very calmly, but also very firmly. What? What did you say? Let me go to the party? Liu Siyang pulled out his ears, smart interactive whiteboard ,smart whiteboard price, right? "Yes, today's reception is very important. You must bring a female companion." You won't say you can't dance, will you?The makeup artist put the top chain on Liu Siyang's neck. When wearing the earrings, the makeup artist frowned: "Haven't you worn earrings for a long time?" "Mmm." Liu Siyang nodded, the ear hole was made under the instigation of his classmates when he was a freshman. After he grew up,digital signage screen, he never took it again. It was too troublesome. This was Liu Siyang's reason. All right, let's see the effect. The makeup artist narrowed her eyes and smiled, and it was really a sense of achievement to see an ordinary woman jump onto the branches and become a phoenix through her skillful hands. hsdtouch.com