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The day when Yunqing upset the president

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Pu Cangjie felt wrong and wanted to scold Aunt Akita first, but because of the fierce momentum of Shang Kexin's whole body, he nervously opened his mouth and called her, however, he only had time to say two words, because the pink and bright red lips had been completely opened: "X's!"! You are a man full of shit. ! What is cow dung? ? The brains of people like you are called cow dung. ! "Ah?!" Auntie Akita was frightened. "You.. You You How am I? I've never seen such an honest way of speaking. ? Tell you what Pu Cangjie's heart is much more beautiful than most people, thanks to you live to such an old age, but also pay so much attention to appearance! Please …… You didn't put too much emphasis on your appearance when you were young, and you didn't come to a good end, and now you say such a bad thing, did you? In a word, Aunt Akita's face, which was already quite pale, lost its color in an instant. "Shang Kexin!" Pu Cangjie could not hold back, using a slightly heavy tone to stop her. "Huh?"? What's wrong ? I'm cursing for you. ! This guy says you are. …… "Stop it!" Before she uttered the two dirty words that are taboo in restaurants, Pu Cangjie stopped her with an unprecedented expression of sternness. "No matter what, don't say such rude words, no matter what the reason." He scolded her with amazing momentum. Aunt Akita looked at him and then looked back at Shang Kexin, who was staring at Pu Cangjie at the moment. Shit, shit! The pain of being poked just now is gone. Now she was only worried about whether the dream of the future would be broken, and she had to hurry back to inform her niece that between the two.. It's really too dangerous! Riyako's dream of becoming the first lady of the Japanese cultural world, and her dream of being "an aunt depending on her nephew," will probably be shattered by this Taiwanese woman, Shang Kexin. At the thought of this,316l stainless steel pipe, she did not dare to delay one more second at her feet, nor did she care to explain anything, and turned away. The two men, who were deadlocked in the noodle shop, were still staring at each other in silence. He stared at her with anger, as if he had been strangled by something when he heard her say the series of rude words. And she stared at him because. She's defending him! Why would he …… Scold her? It was a long time before he said faintly, "But … …" Thank you for speaking for me. He knew that it was not her fault, that she would be irritated, and that it was because Aunt Akita had gone too far. Shang Kexin heard him say so, the whole heart instantly soft and crisp. Smell! This man …… It's really.. How can there be such a good man in the world! All right! Now that the man has run away. I'm going to be busy, and you can sit by me for a while! Pour yourself a drink if you want. I'll take you home after you eat noodles later. He said. When he saw that she didn't respond, he thought she was still angry. Since she was angry, uns s31803 sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, why did she toss her eyes like this and sit here looking at him? After listening to his words, she lowered her head shallowly, turned around, and walked silently to the position he had just pointed to. "Good.." Her faint voice showed that she was not angry. Help me turn on the light at the door!". Good.. Uh Heh.. Kimura really can't help it! Love at first sight?! I didn't expect that How could such a thing happen to the famous Aosuke Takura! And of course, in the evening, all the customers who came to the noodle shop found something wrong. First,uns s32760 plate, the ugly boss is not serious about cooking noodles. Second, the beautiful girl who shocked four people the day before yesterday, and the ugly boss. To flirt openly in public?. lksteelpipe.com