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The country is beautiful and fragrant

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She is fourteen this year, and she was only eleven three years ago. Her face and figure have not grown up. Can King Shou like an eleven-year-old girl? Feng Zheng understood the meaning of his own sister-in-law. Just as he was about to turn the matter into a small fight between his cousins, the opposite Shu Fei opened her mouth one step ahead of her. She blamed Princess Duanhui and said, "You have the nerve to mention it. Your cousin has been honest since she was a child. If you hadn't bullied people, your third brother would have given up his own sister and been partial to his cousin instead." King Shou had nothing to do with her, but Song Jianing was a girl from her family's Guogongfu. Her daughter mocked Song Jianing's Shufei for not caring about it. It was only related to the upbringing of Guo's girls. Shufei could not connive at her daughter's nonsense. Song Jianing broke the trap and was scolded by his mother. Princess Duanhui curled her lips and turned her head to call the five princes: "It's boring here. Let's go. I'll take my fifth brother outside to play." The five princes looked at the beautiful new sister-in-law, shook their heads, and were not happy to go. Princess Duanhui lost face again and walked away angrily. Looking at the back of her daughter, Shu Fei felt helpless, 13-year-old girl, is not small, how can she still be so ignorant? "Mother, I will retire." In the silence, Zhao Heng made a salute to Empress Li, which was abrupt. If Wang Yeh took the time to say goodbye, Empress Li would certainly suspect that the other party did not respect her. Only King Shou was used to being lonely. Empress Li didn't think much about it at all. She said with a smile, "Go. Wang Yeh is on duty in the Imperial Academy. He can't get away easily. Jianing will go to the palace more often when he is free and talk with us." Song Jianing answered cleverly, and before he left, he winked at Feng Zheng and talked with him in private another day. In and out, in the palace around a big circle, Song Jianing under the more uncomfortable, frowning, cheeks white. But outside the palace,interactive whiteboard for schools, Zhao Heng is to see that it is impossible to hold her in the car, can only hold her arm, try not to let her out of strength. Song Jianing knew that the moment she lifted her leg to get on the bus, the wound was pulled and the pain was without warning. She could not hold back and took a gentle breath. Zhao Heng looked up, and she was already bending down stiffly. When Zhao Heng stepped into the carriage, Song Jianing, like the Tathagata, sat humbly by the side, with a few wet sweats on the tip of his nose. Zhao Heng sat next to her,86 smart board, the door curtain was put down, he suddenly reached out, holding her waist, holding her legs, and moved people to his legs. Song Jianing was flattered by such an intimate act and looked up at him. Before he could see him clearly, his handsome face quickly approached, and his cool thin lips stuck to her in an instant. Song Jianing "Oh", the wide-open almond eyes passed through confusion and panic one after another, Shou Wang so eager to kiss her, this will not think about that thing again? But, not to mention in the carriage, even back to the palace, she can not serve ah, lift a leg pain like that, think of the majesty of King Shou, Song Jianing can not help but shiver. Cold? Zhao Heng loosened her. A full mouth Asked in surprise. Song Jianing quickly glanced at him and shyly buried himself in his arms. His little hand was pressed against his chest. "It still hurts.." he said like a mosquito. Anyhow, 65 inch smart board ,75 smart board, I have to wait until the evening. I didn't expect that the elegant King Shou was also in a hurry.but also two porcelain bottles of plasters for the two masters. Grandfather Fu trotted to fetch the medicine,touch screen board classroom, and soon returned and handed it to his master. Zhao Heng turned back to the inner room and put down the two layers of gauze curtains outside the bed. As the light dimmed, Zhao Heng turned around and lay on her back on the bed, unaware. Zhao Heng looked at the porcelain bottle in his hand and sat down slowly. hsdsmartboard.com