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Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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Now, seeing him step on the corpse of the giant beast and return across the sky, he caused a sensation in the city. Boom! The body of the monster fell to the earth, while Lin Xun's figure floated down on the gate tower and was immediately warmly welcomed by Song Jungui and others. What? Is that the King of Golden Armor? When they learned that the body of the monster, which was as big as a mountain, was the leader of the monster in the southwest province, Song Jungui was stunned and shocked. In less than a day, the King of Golden Armor was executed? "Take off his head and hang it on the gate tower, so that all the demon kings in the world can see it. This is the end of offending the empire." Lin Xun said casually, "As for the flesh and blood of the King of Golden Armor, I will cook it tonight, reward the armed forces, and eat it separately." Song Jungui and others promised with a bang. In the evening, the city of Yanxia was filled with the fragrance of meat and laughter. Especially when he learned that Lin Xun alone had broken through the mountain of ghosts, destroyed the army of monsters, and removed the great threat in the southwest province. Song Jungui and others are completely ecstatic, even a little crazy with excitement! And when the news spread all over the city, the huge city is also a complete sensation, countless imperial soldiers and ordinary people, are talking about the name of Lin Xun in this night. The night is picturesque and the stars are shining overhead. Lin Xun sat on a wall at random, looking at the mountains and rivers in the distance. In his hand, he played with a pill at random, which was a kind of longevity anti-life pill,White Marble Slabs, a rare treasure, a priceless treasure, and had immeasurable benefits in crossing the "fate difficulty". However, the elixir, which is enough to make the king of any long habitat jealous, is worn away little by little in Lin Xun's palm, turning into a wisp of light and rain. In the end, there was only a wisp of blood left in Lin Xun's palm, as small as a cow's hair. But if we peep at it with divine consciousness,Carrara Marble Slab, we can find that in this inconspicuous blood awn, there is a dense and strange power of the forbidden curse, which is very strange. I knew, with your demon ancestor's mind, how could you be so magnanimous to give these elixirs to those subordinates, it turned out to be uneasy and kind.. Lin Xun's black eyes were cold, his palms were strong, and the wisp of blood was suddenly erased. It can be said that if he is happy to see the hunter and use this Dan when crossing the robbery, the consequences will be absolutely unimaginable! According to Lin Xun's conjecture, the demon ancestor did this not for himself, but for those demon kings who served him, in order to firmly control these demon kings, in order to collect "sacrifices" for them and help them out of trouble. Just, who is this demon ancestor? Where is he trapped? Lin Xun's mood is erratic. For more than ten years, the world has changed dramatically, and monsters are rampant in the imperial territory. The culprit is a horrible existence called "demon ancestor". Do the big men in the empire know about this? "Master, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Marble Granite Price, you seem to have something on your mind?" Silver appeared to the side and asked in a low voice. I may have to go away for a while to visit the place where I lived when I was young, and then I will go to other places to kill demons. Lin Xun said thoughtfully, Many people laughed and felt happy. Over the years, many lives of the Empire were buried under the ravages of the monster army. Now, Lin Xun strong attack, break the monster army, cut the king of golden armor, Tu Yin mountain,Calacatta Nano Glass, a person, then destroy the withered and rotten, the empire southwest province of a heart of trouble!. forustone.com