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National Goddess: Reborn Ace Daughter

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Mo Qingyi still called out with a tingling scalp, "Xinran, is that you?" Her voice was reflected in the whole forest. And no one responded to her. At that moment, a figure rushed towards the three men, panting. By the light of the mobile phone, Mo Qingyi saw clearly that this man was Miao Xinran. When Mo Qingyi saw Miao Xinran, the whole person breathed a sigh of relief, and his heart was put back in place. He hugged Miao Xinran and cried, "Xinran, I thought I would never see you again." Li Jiaqi and Chen Li also smiled when they saw Miao Xinran coming back. Although we haven't found a way out yet, at least seven of the nine people have gathered. Just in time, Li Jiaqi remembered the rules of the game, his eyes flashed bright, and hurriedly picked up the branches to write on the ground. Didn't I come back all right? Miao Xinran patted Mo Qingyi on the back, "Don't cry, don't cry, I just met a ghost hitting the wall, how to walk out, I was scared to death!" As the words fell, Miao Xinran saw the moving branches on the ground. He was so frightened that he stepped back and turned pale. "What is that?" Mo Qingyi looked at the ground and explained, "That's Li Jiaqi and Chen Li. I don't know why. Although they are in the same space with us, they can see us, but we can't see them. So we can only communicate by writing." Li Jiaqi has written half of the words here. Hearing this, Miao Xinran took Mo Qingyi's hand and said with a sullen face, "Anyway, no one can see them now, so we might as well think she's dead!"! Ignore them! Mo Qingyi frowned slightly and shook off Miao Xinran's hand. "Xinran, how could you do that?"? They are our classmates! "Why can't I do that?" Miao Xinran opened his eyes wide and said ferociously, "You don't know how these two bitches speak ill of you behind your back!"! The two of them were just hiding behind the tombstone pretending to scare you! Such a person, it is good to die! She doesn't deserve to be our classmate at all! Hearing this, Li Jiaqi and Chen Li both bowed their heads in shame. Miao Xinran is right. They really don't deserve to be their classmates. They already know they're wrong. They're all classmates. Why? Xinran, you weren't like this before. Mo Qingyi raised his eyes toward Miao Xinran, this look, directly shocked, the pupil is very enlarged up. See, in front of where there is any Miao Xinran! She had become a girl with dishevelled hair, wearing a dress similar to a school uniform, holding a shabby doll in her arms, and her face was bloodless, as if she had been brushed with white powder! Incomparably seeping! The most horrible thing is her eyes, empty, dark, as if there is no white of the eyes, the corners of the mouth also raised a strange smile! "Ah!" The three of them screamed! He wanted to run away, but his legs were as heavy as lead, and he couldn't run at all! The three men were so frightened that they had to cover their faces tightly and shiver. Willful instinct, encountered terrible things, will subconsciously choose to escape, thinking that in this way, can escape a disaster. Just then, a bright light appeared in the depths of the forest. The female ghost suddenly turned her head, showing a frightened face, grey marble slab ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, and drifted towards the source of the light. As soon as Chu Jin entered the battle array, he discovered the female ghost. As long as we know the cause of the girl's death, maybe the rest of the problem can be solved. Using the eight characters of her birthday to calculate the cause of her death, Chu Jin hurriedly took out the tarot card from his backpack,Granite Slab Supplier, put on the card array, which was a common universal card array, and then closed his eyes to draw one from it. Inverse Sword Five. forustone.com