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Mountains and seas are boundless

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There seems to be a breeze on my face? She hesitated for a moment and opened her eyes. The sky was cloudless and heartbreakingly blue. Li Yin couldn't recover for a moment. Fat Tuan shook his head, stood up, climbed on her face, and stepped on two feet. Li Yin closed his eyes slightly and looked at it-the fat group was really fat. She did not care to clean up her mood for the time being, and wanted to get the fat ball to check. When she sat up,large inflatable water slide, the gray and black shell under her buttocks slowly turned into a pool of ashes under her eyes. This shape-is that the repack? Li Yin found a pool of ashes under his feet and on his trouser legs. I guess it's made of shoes and pants? She was still wearing the coat that the old man had given her, which, though not in a satisfactory style, had not turned into ashes, and had roughly wrapped up all the places on her body that should have been wrapped up. Liyin checked the various parts of his body up and down, touched his head, and pinched himself by the way. Then she turned around and looked at the fat ball. Things are broken, but people are fine? Am I that good? "That must not be!" Fat Tuan looked at Li Yin. Li Yin's eyes widened. "Fat Tuan,Inflatable dry slide, can you speak?" Fat group was stupefied, very surprised, "Ah Yin, can you understand what I said?" Do you mean you can always talk? Didn't you suddenly become a sperm? When I was fifteen? "You just suddenly became a sperm!"! I've always been like this! I knew that I was born extraordinary, certainly not an ordinary cat! Fat Tuan proudly puffed out his little chest. Wait, why don't you move your mouth when you talk? "Didn't my mouth move?" Fat Tuan raised his front paws and touched his mouth. "How can it be possible that his mouth doesn't move." Oh, shit, my mouth really didn't move? Chubby has a pair of round eyes. Chapter Table of Contents "Big Demon" Liyin Li Yin's heart is also a little hairy, but his face is still very stable, "Maybe we have experienced this strange experience and gained special powers?"? Is this the legendary ventriloquism? It's all right. It's not something that hasn't happened. The fat group still can't accept it. Don't worry, maybe I can, too? I'll try.. Li Yin covered his mouth and said, "Fat Tuan, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable outdoor park, can you hear me?" Fat Tuan raised his head and looked at her with shining eyes. "I heard it!" One person and one cat looked at each other, and they were magically relieved. After solving this problem, a face was hidden in the hair with teeth and claws, and there was a strange feeling of absurdity. Although, although.. Smaller, but, but Ah Yin still looks like Ah Yin. Me,Inflatable outdoor park, I haven't changed. The fat group said cautiously. Hair's getting longer, right? My hair before, only to the shoulder blade. joyshineinflatables.com