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Legend of the ring

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2000 sets of stealth transformation clothes, take out 50 sets can let all their Qin, soul clan equipment, that is, the vote to be rescued is also counted, less than 200 sets, the remaining 1800 sets how to do? Even if these guys like Dickie were to have sex with these women and have a litter every year, it would take 20 years before they could reproduce again, and I can't let these equipment go moldy there. I can't count on them now, so who will wear it? Draw the cream of the crop from the army? No, not to mention that it is still too weak to reflect the value of equipment, that is, one can not be completely controlled by oneself, wearing this equipment, everyone's strength is greatly increased, there is a rebellious person hiding inside, but can directly threaten their own. I am not afraid, but Xiaozhen and Xiaoai are afraid. Hado and Yingge can also be easily killed by people wearing this kind of thing. Since ancient times, people's hearts are separated from their bellies. I don't trust anyone who is not completely controlled by myself. Unless they can implant my image in the brain like Dikai,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, they will never do it. But I can't do these things to these people. There's no need to mention it again. With a robot? Too wasteful, a lot of functions are not used, originally disguised as steel and then invisible, robots need it? How can a robot be used for such a big purpose? Unless Xiaolin develops a robot with higher IQ, more flexible movements and stronger resistance to mental attack, it will be a great waste. Wang Tian helplessly scratched his head, this matter is really troublesome, with equipment but can not find people to use. That's right,juice filling machine, Gene Man! Wang Tian stopped. Isn't Xiaolin working hard in this direction these days? Genes can be combined to produce the intelligence of a 10-year-old, but no more. The earth has also put forward such things as test-tube babies and artificial insemination, and has begun many experiments, so with Xiaolin's superb technology, can we cultivate a group of young Qin and soul gene children? Six or seven years old is enough, spend more than ten years of education, do not use that kind of direct infusion of knowledge, technology, then, can not get a large number of absolutely loyal to my Qin, the servants of the soul clan, and then use images to leave the greatest imprint on their brains. Hey hey, the test object, CSD filling line ,Vegetable oil filling machine, Dikai these four lewd insects, are not in spring, women also have, 15 people are absolutely enough, but I have made a great contribution to the growth of Qin and Soul Clan! Wang Tian stopped and looked at Dipper. Play big, Wang Tian dark call bad, busy back to the command room, after explaining not to disturb, into the ring different space began to coax Xiaolin, has been coaxing her smile to count. Brother Tian,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, you only know how to bully me! Xiao Lin glared at Wang Tian. Never again! Wang Tian apologizes, ask again: "Small Lin, why do you say the creation of this gene person is the box of Pandora?"? What does that mean? gzxilinear.com