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Kakashi-The Age of Darkness

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I was too persistent in my world, and as a result, I killed a lot of people, and almost killed Konoha. "Fortunately, I knew before I died." "Ye Ying knows, too." "I'm sorry about Ye Ying until the end." Kakashi did not know what to say, but looked at his face, which was getting paler and paler. Almost all the people inside are dead, "Tuo Yi said suddenly." Orochimaru, I don't know how he is,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, but he must not be dead. Be careful. Then, give "" Tuo Yi put an amulet that he had been holding in his hand in Kakashi's palm and gave it to Kakashi. Kakashi was surprised that it was Ye Ying's amulet. Tuo Yi smiled. Go get her. "He pressed the amulet to Kakashi." That's why you came. " Kakashi took the amulet in his hand and looked at it. Because of Ye Ying? Did you just go ahead alone? He asked. "No," Tuo Yi said calmly, "because I don't want her last request to be too cruel to be fulfilled." Kakashi pursed his lips painfully, and he tried to look at Tuoyi. Tuo Yi, you fool! He gritted his teeth and said, "You are not self-willed for yourself!" Tuo Yi seemed to be stunned for a moment, then a sharp pain made him tremble all over, and he grabbed Kakashi's wrist. It's a very chronic poison, "said Tuo Yi." It will slowly torture me for at least three days. So, now, I have to be willful for myself. Kakashi's heart sank, but he was not asked to do it. Tuo Yi took out a simple dagger from behind, pulled out the scabbard, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic welding transducer, and handed it to Kakashi. Take it and watch the handle. Calm but indisputable, Kakashi held the dagger reluctantly and obediently, with a blue character engraved on the handle. It's green-for me. Tuo Yi said, and then, no longer speak, quietly closed his eyes. The empty city plan will be invalid if it is used twice. We can't be fooled again. I wonder if it will be the same as that time. How to look is like that, but last time the dark part and the root are separated, now melt together, can you still do that? "So we only call you here. If it's the right time, we must seize it." "Understood." "You go." "Yes!" "Go and find her. That's why you came." Kakashi felt the amulet hanging on his chest,ultrasonic cutting machine, swaying as he walked. It's her amulet. How many years ago did he first wear it? Forgot. The place had been almost destroyed by the explosion, and it was hard to walk inside, but the smell was too obvious and too strong. Leaf shadow's boundary chakra. fycgsonic.com