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Jianghu sells equipment everywhere

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Ruo Tianwuyun was stunned by her question. When she thought about it carefully, it seemed that there was nothing to buy. So she said with a smile, "I'm just jealous of other people's money, so I said it casually. In fact, I really have nothing to sell.". If I had money, I would buy a house. Why do I need a shop? "Buy a house?"? How much is it? Qin Zheng suddenly became interested. Speaking of, she's never had a home of her own! As a former killer, he lived in a house provided by the Bloody Rain Building and changed it all day long for fear of being found. Now I live in an inn or sleep in the open all day long. When can I have a small house of my own, have a small garden, grow some fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants at will, and live quietly! "Very expensive!" If the sky is cloudless, frown. Very expensive. How much is it? Qin Zheng insisted on getting to the bottom of the matter. Ten thousand taels of gold. "One million taels of silver?" "Yes, the smallest and cheapest one." Ruo Tianwuyun said, suddenly scolded: "Damn, this game operation company is really black, a virtual house needs ten thousand real coins, but there are still many people want to buy,Inflatable dry slide, it is really brain water." He cursed, forgetting that he was one of the people who wanted to buy. Qin Zheng did not understand what the real coin was, so she automatically skipped it. She has now learned a new skill, that is, when listening to others, she will automatically filter out the part that she does not understand at all, and then combine the part that she understands to analyze the half-understood part. This way really makes her understand some of the problems that she did not understand before. I want to buy it. Qin Zheng tells the truth, in the mind when he can save enough that one million two silver. Now she has one more goal to live,Jumping castle with slide, in addition to increasing her strength value, is desperately saving money to buy a house. She really wants a home of her own! She seems to be very indifferent to anything in her life. She has never been so eager to have something, but this desire has been dormant in her heart for a long time. Because it is impossible to achieve, it has been suppressed by her. After she came to this new world, she slowly woke up, but now she was completely stirred up by a sentence that came out inadvertently. Well, maybe you can afford it in a year or two. Ruo Tianwuyun shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you have a lot of money, you can also convert the real currency into game currency." Qin Zheng listened to his words, nodded unconsciously, and suddenly asked, "How much money can you make in a month from the shop you said earlier that sells martial arts secret books?" "How do I know that?" Ruo Tianwuyun scratched his head and said, "They not only sell secret books, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable indoor park, but also equipment.".This is good! You bought my shop just in time to open it! "Die!" If there is no cloud in the sky, he clapped his hand on the broad body knife and made a loud noise,Inflatable water obstacle course, which startled the candy store and Qin Zheng. He just stared at the candy store and said, "Are you lying to us?" "Where do I have it?" The candy store jumped out of its chair and took two steps back. He has never learned any martial arts except internal skills, and he will certainly not be a cloudless opponent. joyshineinflatables.com