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Jade hook slanting-Sima Ling _ txt novel paradise

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He finally expressed his doubts and said, "Sister-in-law is still young. She lives alone in such a spacious house. Even if she is not timid and afraid, she has to guard against Xiaoxiao and a group of gangsters." "There's no need to worry too much about that," said Mrs. Li. "For one thing, the neighbors are all familiar with each other. For another, I used to have an old maid and two maids. The two maids got married one after another when they grew up. The old maid had something to do yesterday and went back to the countryside. She'll be back in a day or two. I've asked someone else to buy a servant girl. Gongsun yuanbo said with relief, "So Mrs. Li didn't have to dismiss her servant because she was short of money. I'm relieved to hear that." As they spoke, they went to the wing. But I saw that the guest room was clean and had everything I needed. Mrs. Li said sadly, "When Li Liang was alive, there were friends staying overnight from time to time, so I prepared a guest room.". Aft he passed away, I still keep that same appearance. Gongsun yuanbo felt very difficult to answer, so he had no choice but to respond. "Li Liang has been dead for more than a year," added Mrs. Li! From then on, none of his former friends came again. I always think of those people, are they all as unfortunate as Li Liang? Gongsun yuanbo knew that this was one of the security measures, because Li Liang was killed after his identity was exposed, so his home was classified as a restricted area, the former group of people, naturally can not come here, in order to avoid being found by the surveillance. Besides, she was a young and pretty widow,juice filling machine, and she was the most conspicuous. How could those men come to visit her? However, if this explanation is made, Mrs. Li must feel that Li Liang's friends are too ungrateful. In her opinion, the meaning of security is totally different from that of an organization. He had no choice but to follow her tone, nodded: "As far as I know, that time implicated a lot of people, so Mrs. Li's guess is probably not wrong." Mrs. Li sighed and said, "I'll get some hot water for you to wash." Without waiting for Gongsun yuanbo to answer,plastic bottle making machine, she turned away. Gongsun yuanbo looked at her slim and plump figure, with an indescribable taste in his heart. He knew that in her situation, I'm afraid life was doomed to be a tragedy. On the one hand, at her moderate age, it is not easy for her to find a partner to remarry, and on the other hand, in her mind, she is afraid that she has no intention of brewing again. If life is difficult and forced by circumstances, the situation will be different. At present, she has plenty of food and clothing, no worries about life, and is very likely to be determined not to marry. This is because Gongsun yuanbo is trained and observant, so her mind can be seen from the subtleties. This guest room, for example, has remained the same as it was when her husband was alive, which shows that she is still thinking about her late husband. Not long after, liquid bottle filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, Mrs. Li appeared in the courtyard and said, "Mr. Gongsun, the hot water is ready." "Gongsun yuanbo came out and said," Why bother Mrs. Li? But seeing that she had handed over some clothes, he exclaimed, "What is this?" "If you come to visit me in the capital in the future, I'll be very grateful." Gongsun yuanbo exclaimed, "Do you always come to see you?"? Won't it stir up more gossip? "I don't care what they're talking about,PET bottle Mold," said Mrs. Li! At least I have someone to talk to about Li Liang. Alas! You won't understand. Sometimes I feel like Li Liang has never lived. Gongsun yuanbo was startled and thought, "When a man dies, does he really have nothing?" gzxilinear.com