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In fact, I am the mother of your idol.

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Tang Lin gave Si Jingyu a white look, "impolite!"! Zhou Chen is also kind, as it happens, I see there is a bottle in the living room, I put the flowers in it for you. Lin Yao's heart began to scream crazily again, "You're here again.". She is not willing to guess at all, but, Zhou Chen this flower, in the end his mother gave who!!! Yu Dan and Lin Yao sat opposite, two people looked at each other, silently one person and a piece of cake, buried in eating, what also do not care, do not want to, let the stomach porridge fill the whole mind. Why did you come to my house in the morning? Don't tell me. You just miss me all of a sudden. Si Jingyu glanced at Zhou Chen and sneered. After Lin Yao listened, a mouthful of porridge choked so red that her eyes were red. She looked at Si Jingyu and Zhou Chen and felt more and more that there was something wrong with them. Just can't think about it, listen to their dialogue, and then think about the details, Lin Yao in the heart to them, the question is, who is more like an attack ah, who is by it? Tang Lin raised her hand and patted Lin Yao on the back. Lin Yao waved her hand quickly. "It's all right. It's just that she drank too fast." Zhou Chen suddenly remembered the purpose of his visit. "Well, Xiaoyu didn't say anything. I almost forgot. Tang Lin, come to the company with me later. Director, I want to see you." Tang Lin tidied up the dishes slightly, looked at Zhou Chen,304 Stainless Steel Wire, very uncertain and repeated, "is the cloth guide?" Zhou Chen nodded, "it's him." Lin Yao and Yu Dan saw it again. Well, it was another meaningful dialogue. Tang Lin was really a woman with a story. They'd better not guess, for fear that they will be bald. Director Bu set the meeting place at Tang Lin's brokerage company. After breakfast, everyone came to the company together. Lin Yao and Yu Dan went to the conference room to do a daily work report, and Zhou Chen went into the office with Si Jingyu and Tang Lin. Zhou Chen, why does the director want to see me? Tang Lin was very curious. I don't know. The assistant of the cloth guide contacted me on his own initiative. He didn't tell me what was going on. I was surprised. I really didn't expect it. Zhou Chen smiled particularly flatteringly and personally poured a cup of tea for Tang Lin and Si Jingyu. Director Bu's most famous work was "Ancient Demons Turn". At that time, the fans of this TV series were almost from children to the elderly. Even if you don't like the play,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, no one doesn't know it exists. The director has been a legend for so many years. A TV play is a hit, and each one has become a classic. He has never wasted a play. The male and female protagonists who have played his play will undoubtedly be popular. Bu Dao has a good reputation, but he is still standing firm for more than 20 years. Many people joke that his name is good and he is still standing firm. Not to look down upon Zhou Chen's ability, nor to look down upon Si Jingyu, but because the director almost does not need the flow of artists, the use of new people with acting skills. This level of director, with Si Jingyu this is not in tune, Zhou Chen also can not be invited. Bu Dao suddenly took the initiative to ask to meet, Zhou Chen has the joy of pie falling from the sky, at the moment Zhou Chen smiled like a fool. Godmother, if Director Bu wants to cooperate with you, would you like to? Zhou Chen asked Tang Lin's opinion, he still respects Tang Lin very much, if Tang Lin is not willing, even if again the big name character, then he also has to bear the pain to refuse. Not necessarily, "Tang Lin smiled." He should have recognized me, or maybe it was just an old friend catching up. " Zhou Chen rolled his eyes and looked at Si Jingyu. "Hey, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, yes, Xiao Yu, go to the recording studio. Brother D seems to have something to do with you." At that time, because of the cost and time-consuming of this kind of drama, all the actors were left after a lot of selection,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and then they had to join the group in advance to try makeup and play, and then for a short period of time, the actors rehearsed together. sxthsteel.com