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Huang Tian Fu Gui

5 months ago   Writing & Translation   Daly City   166 views Reference: 2268

Location: Daly City

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A modern man is thinking, you didn't do it, is it because of some reason, this Dynasty is in chaos, also, this Dynasty did not shave half a ladle head. It must be a mess. It's just a form. Whether you live for six generations or seven generations, it's a matter of promoting Buddhism to save the world and save people. As a Buddha in this life, you shouldn't be the same as the previous one. You die halfway, and the Buddha's mind is still there. A word of death will make your body independent. Whether you are an emperor or a Buddha, you have been robbed in this life. Now you can use the word of death to hide the form of a living Buddha. In this vast world, you worship Buddha in the mountains, travel around the world, preach, make good connections, and create infinite and exquisite achievements. To finish the robbery! "Master, this is our Living Buddha!" "You have found his reincarnation in Litang, which is the reincarnation of his real body. He is just a person who has been robbed by emperors for a lifetime. Your Living Buddha has two lives to live together, so he can continue to pass on the scriptures as a Living Buddha and complete the retribution of his previous life as a Living Buddha.." Xia Qing looked at Feiwu, poor man, did not know what he had done in his previous life? Did he really kill the son of the Emperor of Heaven, his own brother? When the master saw that he had said almost enough, he winked at Xia Qing. Xia Qing stood up and said, "Well, everyone goes home. I have to find a long way home, too." Everyone had nothing to say for a moment. I know what I should know and what I shouldn't know, and I can't invite you in. It's time to say goodbye. Xia Qing stretched out her hand and took out a handful of amulets and threw them at the rummaging land around her. Then,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, after a burst of movement, the water surface became wavy and swung outward in circles. The land around her was as flat as before, and the moss looked like the old one. The broken branches of the big trees flew up to the fracture, the roots of the trees were buried in the soil, the water plants by the pond grew out, and the fish and shrimps also saw it. Most importantly, While everyone was looking at the vision, the master's dementors began to unfold, and all the memories that should be taken away were taken away. Then,Vending Machine Motor, both of them were invisible. The news was in front of everyone. Oh, what am I doing here? "What the hell? I'm going to help Zhang Laosan build a house today. What am I doing here?" Onlookers quickly left, although inexplicably ran to "Duowen Temple" a turn, fortunately, nothing was delayed ah. Huizheng took the arhats, drove the lamas away, and pulled Feiwu back to Jingshe. The two of them cooked tea, drank tea, and talked about the scriptures. They were very unhappy. More than ten days later, Xia Qing took the housekeepers, carrying the monk's clothes and shoes, plus some rice, flour, beans, incense and candles, to donate to Duowen Temple. Huizheng personally received this half-grown boy, no, half-grown benefactor, 24v Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, and accompanied him up and down in the temple for many hours, and personally recited the prayer sutra for this young man. Send this benefactor away. Two days later, Two people made an appointment to go to the direction of the capital,small geared motors, of course, or to what mountain to sing what mountain song. Under the tracking of the nine lamas, the two of them ran to the southeast again. Feiwu certainly wouldn't say it. He went in this direction. He had the idea of sending Xia Qing back to the capital by the way. ichgearmotor.com