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Heroes and heroines

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Miss Yufeng thought it was too much to make a fuss about, so now she put on her official clothes and asked Master An, "Uncle, what should I do when I come back?" "Don't panic, big girl," said Mrs. Ann. "I'll take care of you. Wait for me to tell you that you only depend on me. The girl immediately got the idea and only looked forward to inviting the Buddha. Not long after, two family members came in first from the east, got off the latch of the screen door, and stood on the left and right sides, holding the door. There was a squeak of boots and footsteps outside the door, and the screen door opened, and four family members dressed in hats came in first, each holding a big stick of incense, leading the way. Behind them was Mr. An, dressed in official clothes, who led in with two colorful pavilions. At this moment, there were already servants in the room holding a gold lacquer plate, carrying a big red ladle, holding a small sandalwood burner on it, and lighting cigarettes. Mrs. Ann took the girl by the hand, knelt down on her right, and handed her the incense tray. The girl at this time is how to teach how to sing, holding the incense burner, respectfully kneeling over there. As he knelt down, he could not help peeking out and saw that the people who carried it had placed the colorful pavilion in front of the eaves and removed the bars. When you look at the colorful pavilion, you can see that the one in front is carrying two low Buddha statues, which are only dug out with red silk, but you can't see what Buddha is inside. The one behind is carrying like a flat thing, and it's flat, not like a Buddha statue, but covered with red silk. "Isn't this a portrait?" The girl wondered. At that time, Master An also changed his official clothes and stood with everyone at the foot of the porch. "Please," he ordered. "He went to the pavilion and invited the man from the west to come in and put him on the Eight Immortals table. Then he invited the man from the east to come in and put him on the table." Mrs. Ann sent someone to take the girl's censer and said, "Miss, stand up." The girl stood up and still looked out. Then Master An said to Deng Jiu, "Elder brother, help me." With these words, the two of them went to the back of the pavilion and lifted the red silk. It turned out to be two red brocade boxes, one tall, one short, and one long. Deng Jiugong held the long flat box, and Master An held the tall square box, and the childe came in behind him. "Deng Jiugong lifted the box up and looked aside." Take it, my good nephew, "he said. The childe took it up with both hands and held it on the small table on the east side. Then Master Ann came over and lifted the box up, too. "Miss," said Mrs. Ann, "go and catch it." The girl had no choice but to hurry over, and Master An did the same. The girl took the box and said, "This box should be kept on the small table on the west side." Guo saw that Mrs. Ann came over and asked him to send her to the case. "Miss," said Mrs. Ann, inflatable amusement park , "I'll salute you first so that you can settle down." When the girl saw that there were two statues of Buddha, she kowtowed six times.The family members had already removed the Eight Immortals table, installed the offering table, and then offered offerings and lit incense and candles. There is an example in the past, can not be discussed again, is the childe holding rice, the girl into the soup. At the end of the offering,Inflatable water obstacle course, Master An solemnly and majestically offered two pieces of wine, retired, and asked Deng Jiugong to salute. joyshineinflatables.com