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Heart sustenance (Hokage Tongren.. [1]

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The children of the graduating class are practicing the swordsmanship they have just learned on the playground. Uchiha Itachi stood not far away, closing his eyes and hiding his face in the shade of a tree. Suddenly, his eyes suddenly opened, and his scarlet eyes were filled with blood. Itachi took a deep breath and quickly hid the waves in his eyes. He hurriedly said hello to the squad leader Nara Shikamaru, then looked at his brother apologetically, and his figure disappeared in an instant. The black-haired boy continued to throw his sword at the wooden target, and a trace of doubt flashed through his mind. Although Itachi's brother hid it well, he could still feel a strong panic in his heart. Is there something big going on? Wave Feng Shuimen jumped into the tunnel with the two men and ran forward quickly. Watergate, wasn't that Itachi? Haiyan crouched on his shoulder and asked sullenly. That was the Shadow Fen Shen just now. The blonde sighed in a low voice, "I wondered if it was a leak." It doesn't look like that. These days, Weasel Jun has probably been keeping a shadow here. Not only that, the other way to enter the village must also have his shadow. "It's great to keep so many shadows all the time!" The silver-haired child looked up and sighed with some surprise. That's really expensive chakra. Every day has been like this, the weasel king is probably exhausted. I haven't had a good rest. Wave Feng Shuimen turned his face and looked at Haiyan with some melancholy blue eyes. "Are you really not going to explain to him?"? He's worried about you. Before I came to you, I heard that he had been asking the third generation to rejoin the dark department, probably to find out what your mission was. But the third generation refused him according to the agreement with you. He has no way to know where you are. So let the shadow Fen Shen wait for every place that must be passed through to enter the village. "I'll explain everything to him, but not now." The black cat closed his eyes and lay listlessly on Watergate's shoulder. "Didn't you say that he would be back in a few days and nights?"? At that time,Wall Penstocks, at least you will become a person. There are too many things I hide from Itachi. Perhaps, from the beginning to replace the name of water, it is doomed to the sadness of the heart. Itachi, will he forgive himself. At this moment, the third generation of ape flying is not in the office of Hokage. After the wave wind water door pushed open the small door hidden in the wall and entered the room, it was somewhat helpless to discover this fact. He waved to several dark parts and asked them to take down the water body wrapped in the cloak. Then he sat down at his desk and began to write a feedback letter on the completion of the task. The golden foil-like broken hair falls continuously, and the pure blue eyes of the sky are so meticulous. Haiyan jumped on the table and lay lazily at the water gate. He wagged his tail in boredom as he read Watergate and wrote. The young man with blond hair wrote very fast. Haiyan could not understand what he wrote, but his handwriting was very beautiful. Kimimaro sat stiffly on one side, disc air diffuser ,multi disc screw press, looking curiously at the Hokage office. Hearing this, the black cat's round head burst out with a huge well-shaped character. He suddenly raised his head, arched his back, and stared at the bold dark part with a pair of smoky blue cat pupils like glass. Wave Feng Shuimen's heart missed a beat,lamella tube, and his handsome face showed a trace of imperceptible frustration and chagrin. He was caught off guard by the sudden change. He looked uneasily at Itachi. Weasel. Should have heard it all? This is even worse. Eh? It's all like that. Don't you deal with it? Seeing that his captain did not say anything, the dark member opened his eyes inexplicably and suggested seriously. He spread out his hands. "Captain, it's a little hot. The body is rotting." khnwatertreatment.com