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Flourishing China

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The storm came in a hurry, but this weather has happened frequently in the past month. The eunuchs and palace maids in yuanmingyuan were the highest level of attendants in the world. They were not caught off guard by the sudden change at all. In just half an hour, Yaotai was once again brightly lit. Dozens of lanterns and palace lanterns illuminate the whole Penglai Yaotai as bright as day. The two white jade iron balls in the palm of Liang Gang's hand were crushed into pieces as a whole. His eyes were full of pain. Last year, the Yellow River burst, and the new river course was not completely finalized. This year, it has been hit by torrential rains. What have you done to deserve such'retribution 'from God? Thousands of miles of refugees, thousands of lives of hunger, "click.." Click.. The fine pieces of white jade fell from Liang Gang's palm, and there was a trace of red blood on them. Your Majesty-calm down, calm down. "Pass on the doctor, pass on the doctor." Henan Kaifeng Prefecture, Lanfeng County. This name is by no means'nameless' in China. Last year, a copper tile box burst hit a full half of North China, and tens of millions of people suffered. This year, it is destined to become the focus of the whole country again. Since the Chinese army captured Lanfeng, the established Henan provincial government did not dare to carry the Yellow River's thousand-mile long dike. In almost a year, a large amount of money was thrown on the Yellow River dam. But every time the Yellow River changes its course, it takes several years or even more than ten or twenty years to fix it. Although the water conservancy departments of Henan and Shandong provinces attach great importance to it, human beings are helpless in the face of the power of nature. What they can do is to do their best to consolidate every river that may become the main channel of the Yellow River. After the beginning of summer, there was a severe drought in North China, and there was not a drop of rain for two months. But seeing that autumn is coming, the heavy rain is pouring down again and again. Hundreds of millions of people on both sides of the Yellow River are extremely sensitive to this matter. God has been crazy about the continuous rain for a month. This is not to alleviate the drought, but to kill people. Almost without the mobilization of the local government, the villages and towns along the coast have organized Qingzhuang to guard the river embankment, and from time to time there are military figures. The Yellow River has not yet moved, but the Huaihe River has emerged. After the southward cutoff of the Yellow River, the water regime of the Huaihe River has not been alleviated in a real sense, but has been completely destroyed by the water regulation system,warehousing storage solutions, resulting in a new adjustment of the Huaihe River system. Some of the tributaries have shrunk considerably, while others have expanded rapidly. Now it is raining heavily again and again. In the last half month, there have been six or seven breaches in the rivers of various sizes in Huainan. The Grand Canal, as well as the tributaries of the Huaihe River, have changed their old appearance. The muddy water roars, roars, roars and rushes away, rolling up the sand and hitting the river bank in waves. From time to time, frightening whirlpools will appear on the surface of the water. The magistrate of Lanfeng County was surnamed Xu, and his double name was Zuoping. He was a native of Fuzhou and a Jinshi in the 58th year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong. The former magistrate of Qufu County, Shandong Province, was diligent in listening and had a good reputation. When the Chinese army mopped up Shandong, he also followed a group of colleagues to accept the surrender, because his reputation was really good and he had the ability, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, so he was specially sent to a key county like Lanfeng to serve. As a county magistrate here for a year, Xu Zuoping was incorruptible and capable, and was recognized and respected by 200,000 people in Lanfeng. The next thing is to do your duty. These days, he was on tenterhooks all day and all night,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and such suffering was even more painful than the pain of the'hanging knife falling to the ground 'now. The worst has happened, and Xu Zuoping is happy to be able to put down the burden in his heart and face it with all his strength. My Lord, thirty-one of the missing able-bodied men were drowned in the breach. Beijing. jracking.com