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Female Counterattack: a Manual for Getting the Male Leader

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Since Min Wei began to specialize in Hollywood five years ago, he is now a star in Hollywood, at least in Asia. Because he seldom returns to China and does not participate in the program, it is rare to interview a sentence that can make headlines on the Internet! Five years of precipitation makes him more superstar style,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, a gray coat shows his slender figure, even wearing huge sunglasses can see that he is more attractive than ever, every move with a unique gentleness. Even if they are surrounded like this, they just smile in the protective circle of bodyguards. "I don't have a lot of time to care about other things in Hollywood because I specialize in movies," he said with a slight smile in the face of all kinds of sharp questions from entertainment reporters. But Coco is the woman I'm courting right now. He finally fulfilled his dream and went abroad to become an international superstar. He got rid of the control of WE Company and opened his own studio. No one in the domestic entertainment circle can despise him. Even The woman he thought he had completely lost was not with anyone else. Whether she would forgive him now or not, he wanted to go for it! When the entertainment reporters heard this,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, they were so excited that they wanted to break through the barrier of the bodyguards and rush to the past. Vincent has rarely made news since he went abroad to open a studio. Some of them are just box office hits of a certain blockbuster, and private news is almost extinct! Now actually take the initiative to say such words, I am afraid that the explosion can trigger a few earthquakes! “Vincent You said you were courting Coco. What about Noaman? Is it your child? Vincent said he was pursuing Coco. Have you thought about the reaction of the princesses? Or are you actually already in a relationship? It's only been announced now? "Didn't you really break off contact five years ago?" In response to the reporters' excited inquiries, Min Kui just smiled faintly, and his agent quickly stood up and answered: "Sorry, Vincent still has something to do, so I won't answer the question for the time being!" Then he let the bodyguard protect him and got into the business car parked next to him. Until the noise was shut out, the broker looked doubtfully at Min: "Vincent?"? Have you really decided? He was Minmin's new agent when he was developing in Hollywood. He was younger than the previous one but respected Minmin more. He didn't belong to the company. When he was in Hollywood, he did see many times that Vincent would often fly to California to see Coco, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, and even when he was turned away, he never gave up A little aunt could not resist the temptation to go over and ask him, still thinking about which child's parents could rest assured that he would stand here alone. The little boy pursed his lips slightly: "Well,ultrasonic dispersion machine, because I have a mommy who makes up a lot of brain every day!" " Under the cover of sunglasses, her little face is black. What does it mean that she is worried that he can't adapt to independence? When she went to shoot, was she not running around alone? What does it mean to stand alone in the airport lobby for half an hour now. fycgsonic.com