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Ethereal World (End)

2 months ago   Graphics & Design   Addison   35 views Reference: 2381

Location: Addison

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"Other people who can't play games, ah, hold the computer on the official website and forum every day, just hope to know more about [ethereal], so ah, little madman, you see, when the game helmet and the game warehouse are officially opened, there must be enough desolation in the school." Holding two books with a thickness of 6 centimeters, the doll smiled sweetly at me with a small face. That is to say, more people will enter the game? Then I'd better continue to get lost in the dry forest. Little Fox, 'Tianma San' still lacks something called'Ma Ma '. Do you know where it is? Looking at the lovely human fox lying on the branch of the tree, crossing his legs, I said what I needed directly. He seemed to be thinking. There seems to be a kind of spider that explodes this kind of thing. I remember it seems to be called'paralyzing spider '. "Have we ever met?" "Not yet." Then wait for the next encounter in the collection, it seems that'Tianma San 'can not succeed for the time being, there is nothing on hand to replace'Ma Ma'. Oh, what a pity. "Little Fox, why can't I always be promoted in the trap?" “…… Is that the skill you learned yourself? If so, then think of a more creative trap. If you want to upgrade the skills you have learned,rapid sand filters, you must have a lot of experience or unique ideas. "Well, but recently all my skills have fallen into 99% of the bottleneck, and I can't upgrade." "Because of your professional relationship, so level upgrade and skill upgrade are more troublesome, especially skills, there must be a breakthrough to upgrade." "What is a breakthrough?" "Just like alchemy, if you want to refine a brand-new medicine that does not exist in the system,disc air diffuser, or an advanced medicine that you can't refine at this stage, you should be able to upgrade." So much trouble? It seems that according to the little fox, I can't upgrade all of them in a short time. OK Then it's the same. Try the alchemy first. The lovely boy with long silver hair looked at the little master who was still working hard under the tree and saw that he was not depressed by his words. His gentle smile crossed the corners of his mouth again, but it was so fleeting that people doubted whether he had ever smiled. Looking away, the silver-haired boy decided to sleep first. I don't know how long it took, when the people under the tree were still addicted to the medicinal properties of various medicinal materials, unable to extricate themselves, the lovely silver-haired boy who seemed to be sleeping soundly on the tree suddenly opened his eyes like ink. The next moment, under the tree, a little silver-white fox clung to its master, assumed a defensive posture, and stared at a certain point. And the tree was empty. I was studying whether the "cicada flower" could be added to the "ground grass" and what effect it would have when I suddenly heard the little fox's "whoosh.. Whew.. The voice, strange to turn his head to look, Mechanical fine screen ,Belt Filter Press, only to see that I do not know when to restore the state of the fox pet a nervous look, facing a silent Bush ready. What's the matter? I know that the little fox will not be noisy, which only shows that there is something approaching in that direction. Seemed to see my chagrin, the man in front of me could not help but lift the corners of his mouth, and then felt that if he laughed, it would be too hurtful,MBR reactor, or tried to correct his expression: "That, lost.." It doesn't matter. You can always find your way. Is that a comfort? If it counts, then I really want to cry. Today is really embarrassing. khnwatertreatment.com