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Enron patronizes

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Yiran could hear that he was in a particularly bad mood, knowing that the more demanding he was, the more difficult it was to forgive himself, and that it would probably take him a while to recover from his loss. "Well, I won't bother you," she said thoughtfully. "You can have a rest on the plane. See you when you come back." Yiran hung up the phone, lay on his desk in a daze, and pulled his long hair in front of him. I used to think that their tacit understanding was getting better and better, and he must have feelings for her, but in the final analysis, the nature of their work is different, and the level is so far apart, when he really needs help and guidance, the distance between them is exposed. Her whole person came down, he never said that he liked her and so on, let alone said "love", he really did not have 100% confidence. When you have such a cherished person in your heart, his every move, every smile, become the most powerful weapon, and you just want to hide him in the bottom of your heart, stubborn and soft to protect. However, in Gu Tingchuan's voyage back from abroad, and at the important moment when "Homeward Journey" is about to be released in China, an unexpected accident happened. The leading actor of "Homeward Bound", Yi Wei, a young man with acting talent who made his debut in the male group "ring", clashed with passengers on the plane and was recorded speaking rudely to others and saying such words as "You don't see who I am". At the same time, he also told his agent in a hotel abroad that Chinese people really couldn't make good films. After naming and scolding several films,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, he came back to complain that Gu Tingchuan was really too difficult to get along with. As a result, all of them were secretly filmed and put on the Internet, which immediately triggered a lot of scolding. Ten thousand people forwarded the request to ban him, and called on everyone to refuse to watch Homeward Journey. The next day, Yiran was still concerned about the news on the way to the Jiaye Company Building. These remarks had spread like a virus, and she dared not think about how Gu Tingchuan would feel in the future. Fingers feel the beating pulse, can also deeply feel the panic in her heart, she followed the staff of Jiaye on the elevator, try to make her face soft down, just stepped out of the elevator door, saw the familiar silent figure standing in the corridor, he was saying something to Xiao Zhao beside him. As soon as her eyes were hot, she hurriedly hung her head and wiped her eyes, and when she walked past, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, a gentle smile had already appeared on her face. He lowered his eyes slightly and said quietly: "You also go back early. I will eat something, okay?" Seeing his irritable appearance, she wanted him to sit down and eat something with her. However,ultrasonic dispersion machine, in this depressed atmosphere, he also made it clear that he didn't want to talk about anything. She had to nod awkwardly and told Xiao Zhao to take in the food box she had brought. Then I'll go back first. After you deal with things, you can go home early. fycgsonic.com