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Doomsday Unlimited Card

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The guard of the old spot is the temporary leader of the reconnaissance team and an old reconnaissance guard. However, he was timid by nature, and it was also brought up temporarily after the outbreak of the end times. Faced with Wang Yue's question, the old captain was also staring at the picture in the computer, and his face was deeply twisted around him. Obviously, his heart was struggling at the moment. Watching a human being die in the mouth of a zombie, it's not good for anyone. Alas.. For a long time, the old captain sighed. Looked up at the anxious Wang Yue, as well as the same face looking forward to waiting for the order of the other guards said: "Everyone, stand by!" " After saying this, the old captain became much older in an instant, but his tone was very firm and there was no room for negotiation. Captain, but Li Yingchang said that he would rescue the survivors when he met them. At this time, Wang Yue is a little anxious, he is an old guard, well aware of the duties of the guard. But now let him look at the death, Wang Yue's heart is not very uncomfortable. But he is not the supreme commander. He has no right to give orders. And Wang Yue also knows that his captain is naturally timid and afraid of things, and he will try his best not to have anything to do. But now that human life is at stake, Wang Yue subconsciously moved out of Li Mingbin. Boom! But it was really an old captain's angry clapping sound, Agate Stone Price ,Artificial Marble Slabs, and the old captain suddenly shouted: "Wang Yue!" "Here!" Wang Yue immediately stood up straight. Tell us what our mission is. The old captain glared at Wang Yue, apparently really angry. zombies also become stronger,Pietra Gray Marble, which makes the hearts of the guards sink. The humans who were still resisting in front of the cinema were sharply reduced by the impact of the corpses, and the young evolutionist was also restrained. In the eyes of the guards, the outcome of the battle has been decided. forustone.com