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Chinese medical immortal

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"Call" little Si life one slap fan came over, Yi Yongheng body shape one fan dodged past: "become, you have seed. Shaosiming also did not chase, just staring at his meaning is very clear, see so, Yi Yongheng finally did not owe flat to provoke Shaosiming, he knew that this girl has reached the edge of rage. Then he followed two beautiful women directly on a cruiser, a sit on it, he met an acquaintance, look at the cold face as if to eat Yi eternal, this is not Mo Yanchou who is that ruthless person? "Long time no see." Whispered a greeting, easy to know forever, this time, the three masters together, this his mother want to run no chance, really fight, the cruiser directly to scrap not to say, it is estimated that he has a black and blue, you know he is in Wutai Mountain mercilessly beat Mo Yan worry a meal, but also the buttocks of the big Si life a slap, as for the little Si life, that is needless to say, Just looking at the murderous intent on her face, she knew that the little girl would beat Yi Yongheng severely as soon as she had the chance, and she was absolutely merciless. I haven't seen you for ages Mo Yanchou's voice was a little cold, almost clenched his teeth, but he was afraid of something, not daring to start with Yi Yongheng,x52 line pipe, and the same was true of Shaosiming and Dasiming. Did you feel good last time? Why don't we play again and relax our muscles? "Yi Yongheng is short of pumping." You.. "Mo Yan couldn't help worrying, he didn't catch a cold to Yi Yongheng, what's more, he was a master of six pulse harmony and the peak was beaten by Yi Yongheng, a guy with Yin and Yang harmony, but what people said was the truth, what could he do? He wanted to start, but thought of the purpose of this time, he stopped, because he knew that when he got to that place,x52 line pipe, Yi Yongheng will never be as tough as he is now. Save your strength, little fellow, and you'll suffer when you get to the ship. Next to the big Si life also can't help, Yi Yongheng lip is too fierce, specially to the person's sore spot greeting, otherwise, if not for this task, I'm afraid all three of them are willing to severely beat Yi Yongheng. Well, I'll listen to you once. Yi Yongheng was finally honest, but looking at the bad smile on his face, everyone knew that he had a bad idea: "However, the last slap was really a wonderful feeling." The atmosphere in the car suddenly cooled down, and even the face of Dasiming was cold. Young Si life first punch, beat over, he and big Si life sitting in the back seat, and Yi Yongheng sitting in the middle of the two of them, so close distance Yi Yongheng although fierce, but also difficult to block, directly forward to dodge the past, 316 stainless steel plate ,uns s32760 plate, but this is not a play, sitting in front of Mo Yanchou a punch according to Yi Yonheng's nose came up. As a result, the cruiser's shell suddenly bulged out with shocking fist prints, just like what Stephen Chow did in the traffic lights in Kung Fu. Mo Yanchou did not look back in front of him, but he could hear a trace of surprise in his tone, but there was a trace of relief after the words,x60 line pipe, which seemed to be related to the purpose of their visit this time. Mo Yanchou, you may have guessed wrong. Da Si Ming was surprised at first, but he was suddenly relieved when he thought of something in the back. lksteelpipe.com