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Changeable princess

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"Leprechaun!" He breathed in her ear, nibbled on her earlobe, and teased her expertly. This book was first published by Xiaoxiang Academy, please do not reprint! [Volume III Havoc at Court: Chapter 67 Unlucky South Snow Wing] "No!" This time she not only said, but also pushed him with her hands. Do you want to grind me to death? His voice was low and hoarse, his desire was dissatisfied, and his eyes were full of flaming lust, which suddenly blocked the endless red lips of butterflies. Uh Yaya, why are you so skillful? Kissed her head off. He kissed her from the lips to the tender cheeks, and then from the face to the smooth collarbone, teasing her so much that she felt dizzy and hot all over. She secretly cursed how many young girls were cheated by this guy? Pressure desire, listen carefully, footsteps can be getting closer and closer, stretch out a plain hand to push away the people who eat her tofu and pull out her clothes. Don't do this! Her tone was more serious than ever. He was a little confused and felt something was wrong all the time. He suddenly remembered that when he came in, he didn't see a palace eunuch. Isn't that too strange? While meditating, my ears heard a thin conversation not far away. He was set up! Think of this, immediately get up. But she grabbed the collar and couldn't move. She gave an evil smile and shouted, "Snow Wing, don't do this!"! No South snow wing a face of regret, how can he be lustful? Knowing that this little devil can not be so gentle,silk cherry blossom tree, but still deep in it can not extricate themselves, think of him today is a load. Bang.. The door was duly kicked open. Xi Yin immediately changed from grabbing the collar to pushing it away, and pinched his thigh so hard that tears rolled in his eyes. Cover your head and rush forward. Just rushed into a wall of meat, the meat wall will reach out to embrace her, to comfort her, she clung to the chest of the meat wall acting. Hum. Purr Her "hum" is a smirk and her "whine" is a fake cry. But in the ears of others, they thought she had suffered a great grievance. Silver, what's going on? Could it be that the King of the South. Cuiyun pretended to be surprised and shouted,outdoor palm trees, cooperating with the acting. Xi Yin secretly called praise in the heart, really not a loss is close to Zhu Zechi ah, this cloud play is not bad at all. In fact, several other people did not need Cuiyun to pretend so, and they all guessed seven or eight points. But the so-called acting should be dedicated, and she is very dedicated. At this time, Nan Xueyi and her clothes are not neat, hey! Anyone can guess. Sure enough, Dong Qifeng's gentle and pleasant voice was mixed with violent anger: "I didn't expect the King of the South, you.." "Nan Xueyi, you have gone too far!" The voice of Ximei Yin also sounded. North Hanyu looked coldly at South Snow Wing and killed him with his eyes. Everyone was so disappointed with him that they even felt that it was a shame to be his rival. South snow wing also does not explain, he knows that even if he explains also nobody believes, perhaps will also describe more and more black, cleverly keeps silent. But to remain silent is to acquiesce, fake blossom tree ,silk olive tree, so no matter what he does, he is bound tonight. Pong! Ping! At the sound of the collision of weapons, Ximei and Dongqifeng could not help but see his attitude and what he had done. They loved him so much that they were so angry that they pulled Xi Yin away and beat Nan Xueyi again. Xi Yin shook his head and smiled. Hey! Unlucky South Snow Wing, who let him make her angry, deserve it! When the three of them finished fighting, Nan Xueyi seemed to have only one breath left,silk ficus tree, swaying in the wind, and said weakly, "Ruthless!" He fainted. Harsh! Do you mean her? Is she cruel? No way She is very kind. hacartificialtree.com