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Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato

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Eyes just stayed on the cheek of Medusa for a while, the wild goose day is suddenly felt a cold and merciless line of sight suddenly shot, the heart is a spirit, but is to see the opposite Medusa, is tightly staring at himself, that look, filled with Senran and killing, obviously, before the wild goose day that wanton look, aroused the moody Queen's killing heart. Being watched by the eyes like a poisonous snake, the wild goose suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, but just as it was about to move, a cold awn swept directly into his eyes. Chapter 738 Poison Suzerain. Chapter 738 Poison Suzerain. White-haired woman's sudden change, but also attracted the attention of the side of the wild goose, at the moment he is also a daze, so long, he is the first time to see this temperament is very indifferent woman so gaffe. As the sound of the eagle's cry echoed in the sky, Xiao Yan, whose handprint was congealed, was also slightly stupefied. Looking at Mulan Erlao, whose face suddenly showed the color of ecstasy, he frowned and looked in the direction of the sound of the eagle's cry. Boy, I think in your present state, can you defeat another strong man? The bearhead elder looked at Xiao Yan bitterly and grinned grimly. Xiao Yan's face was expressionless, and his eyes were just staring at the distant sky behind the allied forces of the three empires, where a huge shadow was sweeping in like lightning. The shadow quickly broke through the sky, and after a moment,fake ficus tree, it finally suddenly appeared under everyone's gaze, only to see that huge shadow, impressively a blue giant eagle! The whole body of the giant eagle is blue, its sharp mouth bends into a cold arc, and its huge talons are extremely sharp. Just looking at the momentum, it has the power of gravel. And when the giant blue eagle appeared, the allied armies of the three empires suddenly boiled up, and some of them crawled directly to the ground, facing the flying eagle with a fanatical face. Jittery! Another loud eagle cry resounded through, and the giant eagle finally appeared in the sky of the battlefield with a strong wind. The huge wings vibrated slowly,outdoor palm trees, and the strong wind turned into a small wind roll, sweeping away in all directions. Giant eagle suspension, the whole audience's eyes, are gathered on the head of the eagle, there, a wonderful body calm and stand, the wind blowing around, but even the corner of its clothes have not been moved, the woman dressed in a slightly loose purple shirt, cuff, was expensive purple gold light around a circle, it is particularly luxurious, of course, the most noticeable. Or the woman's long hair, which is as bright as snow, is so soft and smooth, like a splashing waterfall of the Milky Way.. On the woman's cheeks, with a veil covering her appearance, although hazy, large artificial blossom trees ,fake ficus tree, it gives people a kind of curiosity to explore, in addition, a little strange, is that pair of gray and purple eyes like dead wood without much emotion! Looking at the white-haired woman standing on the giant eagle, She is the master of the Poison Clan. Be careful. Medusa's body moved and appeared beside Xiao Yan, with a dignified way on her cheeks. See even Medusa is such a look, Xiao Yan heart once again mercilessly sank, it seems that this poison suzerain,outdoor ficus tree, the strength is really extremely terrible. Are you sure you can deal with her? Xiao Yan asked in a low voice. Difficult.. This man is also extremely weird. Stopping her is the limit, and it's hard to beat her unless you really lose both sides. Medusa hesitated for a moment, then shook her head. hacartificialtree.com