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Black Confucian Biography-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Ding Hao suddenly gave a strange cry, and his handsome face turned livid. His whole body was shaking, and the flames in his eyes were chilling. Seeing this, the tree shook the wind and was greatly puzzled. "What's the matter, little brother?" He said hurriedly. Ding Hao pointed to Ke Yiyao's chest and gnashed his teeth: "He.." He He was one of the murderers who killed his father and slaughtered his family! "The tree shakes the wind," Li shouted. "Is he the enemy of the little brother?" "Not bad!" "How did you recognize it?" "Of all the murderers, he is the only one whose name is unknown!" "Then.." What's the little brother going to do? It took Ding Hao a long time to burst out a word and said, "Kill!" "The tree shakes the wind" scratches the ear to scratch the rib, the old face changed again and again, heavy tunnel: "There may be something else in this." "Why do you think so?" "Ke Yiyao knows your identity, if he has a bad heart, he will try his best to attack you, but he is sincere to you, and you are looking for the same person'Yunlong Sanxian Zhao yuansheng '.." "When he appeared, he was very abrupt, and this suspicion has always been in my younger brother's mind." "In my opinion, save him first, and if you want to kill him, you have to give him a chance to speak." Ding Hao gritted his teeth and said, "Well, I have something to ask him." "Tree Shaking Wind" took out three red pills from his bosom,65 inch touch screen, pinched open Ke Yiyao's mouth and stuffed them in. Then he pointed at the "laryngeal knot point", and the pill went down his throat. Then he pointed at several big points, massaged them for a while, and then explored the pulse of the point. He could not help shaking his head and saying, "As far as my elder brother is concerned, there is nothing I can do!" Ding Hao said excitedly, "If you want him to open his mouth, let the younger brother do it!" Said,interactive panels for education, sitting on the edge of the bed, Ke Yiyao several points, followed by the palm attached to his "gate of life" big point, the true yuan slowly forced into itself. Not long after, Ke Yiyao's face turned red and his breathing became heavy. Ding Hao stepped up to lose yuan, about a cup of tea time, Ke Yiyao a long snort, opened his eyes. Ding Hao looked at the enemy and friend of the sea of blood, and his emotions were surging like angry waves. The world is changeable, and Jianghu is treacherous, which is the best portrayal. Ke Yiyao opened his lips slightly. After working hard for a long time, he made a sound: "Thank God, little brother." Thank you. Can When you're here. "Tree Shakes Wind" sit on the edge of the bed, harmony way: "Brother, don't get excited, touch screen board classroom ,interactive whiteboard for schools," have a word to say slowly! " Ke Yiyao gasped for a moment, and his voice grew louder: "Brother Fei, I.." In order to have something to say. It's lucky that Ding Laodi is here. Ding Hao clenched his teeth and did not know where to start for a moment."When I got to the vicinity of Longzhongshan, I suddenly lost the line. When I found the fire, when I rushed there, the murder had already been formed. I rescued a child in the chaos. That child.." It's Brother Ding. Ding Hao can not help but stay,4k smart board, this said, Ke Yiyao instead became his savior, this discrepancy is too big!. hsdsmartboard.com